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Siberian Caviar, Germany (10 gram) 330:-
Ossetra Imperial, Germany (20 gram) 720:-
Siberian Caviar, Germany (100 gram) 2850:-
Caviar d’Aqutaine, France (100 gram) 3450:-

Boquerones, Biscaya bay (50 gram) 125:-
Chips with dip on whitefish roe 65:-

Almnäs tegel, hard cheese, Almnäs bruk (40 gram) 65:-
Gammel Pär, hard cheese, Lakene Ostgård (40 gram) 60:-
Linnéa, white mold, Jurss mejeri (40 gram) 65:-
Påverås Blue, Påverås Getgård (40 gram) 60:-

Iberico Bellota 36 mån, Monte Nevado, Spain (40 gram) 160:-
Cecina de Leon, León, Spain (40 gram) 70:-
Fennel Salami, Gnesta chark (40 gram) 65:-


Veal tartar, browned butter mayonnaise, ramson capers, mustard leaves 175:-
Grilled Tropea onion with white bean puré, olivoil and dill crisp 160:-
White asparagus, shrimps, trout roe, hazelnut, chervil, hollandaise 175:-


Smoked aubergine, korall lentil risotto and macadamia nut 295:-
Halibut with sauce ninon, cucumber, white asparagus & trout roe 360:-
Grilled sirloin, 5 star from Dalsjöfors –  with morels, buttery peppercorn sauce, tallow fried potatoe and ramson  375:-


Almond cake with rhubarb and honey ice cream 135:-
French toast with vanilla custard and hazelnut ice cream 135:-
Vanilla ice cream with salty caramel sauce 95:-
1 scoop ice cream 45:-
Candy – Praline/Macron/Coconut tips 55:-

Menu is updated daily and dishes might change